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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Summer 2019 Next features

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Gallery Art 21

Summer  2019 – Next features

In this warm and festive season, the Gallery is honor to present you 5 new artists who will delight your eyes and heart. If this sunny weather isn’t enough, these paintings will bring you some more sun and an original touch to your days.

Sylvain Lougarre

French artist and figurative painter, he create intimate landscape by working on the light and nature, what to dream about!

Sylvain Lougarre60×120 cm

Betty Werlie

Independent artist since years ago, The Gallery open his doors to her on a collaboration, and invite her original masterpiece to be exposed and contemplated.

Betty Werlie

50×50 cm

Martine Diotalevi

Very attached to her art that become for the artist a way of life and a vital activity, she provides us colorful paintings created by a specific technique: Dripping

Martine Diotalevi50×50 cm

Richard Tisserant

Leaving in 2010 his actor life in theaters, he decides to stop crossing through France and settle in Montpellier, a south town from France, where he focus on his first passion, painting.        Richard Tisserant



The  painter Kamy makes us travelling by his colorful landscapes. He is a part of a contemporary movement and honor us by sending his painting in France.


50×50 cm

 Art 21 wish you a good summer, and for the luckiest good holidays, the Gallery is open every days to receive you with joy even in this season !